One app to monitor all your websites

  • On-Demand alerts
  • Detailed uptime reports
  • Global uptime monitoring

Monitor your websites from one place

Take control over your websites outages and get notified anytime they happen. Get real time reports and push alerts about their downtimes gaining the opportunity to react quickly.

Anytime & anywhere,

Keep an eye on your sites

UpTower notifies about website downtime or performance drops immediately! Download the UpTower mobile app to monitor your website remotely and be the first to know whether it’s down.

How it works

Stay online and don’t lose traffic

UpTower warns you before any significant issues occur, thus giving you time to react and to find a solution. Immediate real-time alerts will save you money.

We take care for your peace of mind

Do not worry about website performance. UpTower keeps an eye on your websites and monitors them for you constantly.

Get notified when issues happen

UpTower notifies you whenever your site is slow, changes size or is completely down. Get alerts via push notifications or emails.

Totally free and easy-to-use tool

You are just two steps away from taking control of your sites. Download the UpTower app and sign up to start monitoring your websites for free.