Why SSL certificate is important for website?

I bet you have seen the padlock icon displayed in a web browser more than once. It’s a symbol of SSL certificate which ensures that communication between browser and web server is secured and encrypted. This secure mode prevents anyone from accessing and modifying data you change with the site. However, there are still plenty of websites which do not have SSL certificate! How about your site?


What SSL certificate is?

SSL certificate is a digital certificate, which confirms website credibility. SSL certificate guarantees security of your website. It’s significant, especially when it comes to e-commerce sites, which store loads of personal data. 


Four reasons your website needs SSL certificate

SSL do not fail

The most common causes of hacking websites are poorly developed elements and details, which are being found and used by hackers. If you have SSL certificate, you can rest easy. SSL based on TLS 1.2 protocol has not been cracked so far.

SSL certificate is especially important for sites, which aggregate lots of personal data, credit card numbers and bank account information. This kind of data is encrypted with unbreakable algorithm. 

SSL builds your credibility among customers

SSL certificate guarantees websites credibility. It’s essential for websites, which collect personal data, as SSL ensures that your data will be secured. How it works? Thanks to SSL, while transferring files and data to the website, they cannot be modified by third parties. 

In the past, there were many cases of stealing or editing data from unsecured sites. But nowadays, even huge e-commerce sites with hundreds of orders a day can feel safe.

Websites secured with SSL certificate have a padlock icon in a web browser. There is no doubt it improves site's prestige and clarifies to visitors - the website it’s safe, you can trust us! Another proof of SSL certificate is seen in URL - websites secured by SSL begin with “https”, not “http”.

When a user knows that the website is safe, it’s more likely he will stay there for a long time. As a result, the bounce rate is lower, which has a positive impact on positioning.

SSL improves your SEO (websites positioning)

For Google, “https” is one of the ranking factors. What is more, Google Chrome browser mark websites without SSL certificate as unsafe.

Keep in mind that adding SSL certificate on your site will not make a sudden rise in rankings. It’s just one of many factors, but if your website competes for important keywords with another site, having SSL certificate gives you a chance to stay ahead of the competition.

SSL secures from phishing

Phishing is nothing but stealing data. A hacker creates a website, which at first glance looks the same as i.e. your bank’s website. The only difference is a domain and lack of SSL certificate. It seems to be easy to spot, but still many people fall for it. 


It might seem that SSL certificates are necessary only for e-commerce sites or social platforms. Nothing could be more wrong. Actually, if you enable users to leave their data on your site (ie. typing comments), the connection should be encrypted. However, even if there is no data sent, think about yourself - typing your login and password can be dangerous. That’s basically why every website should have SSL certificate.